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Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy – including polypectomy and haemorrhoid banding

Skin Cancer, Cysts, Lumps, Lesions and Lipoma
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Open access scopes

What does “open access” mean?

This means that  colonoscopy and/or gastroscopy  is performed by Dr Day, without prior consultation in his rooms.  Your GP has decided on the need for the procedure, based on your health assessment and will have discussed the benefits and risks with you. By proceeding directly to an open access procedure(s), the booking can be scheduled sooner. Your GP has considered that a specialist consultation is not necessary to manage your condition.

Dr Day personally performs the procedure on you when you have an open access booking, but he does not take over the management of your condition from your GP.

How does the “open access” booking process work?

In order to proceed Dr Day collects relevant information from you beforehand by way of a health questionnaire and the GP’s referral. You are provided with written information on the procedure explaining its nature, risks and preparation. Your GP will have also explained to you the need for the procedure. If you are satisfied with the information provided, you will need to sign the consent form and return the paperwork.

What happens after the  colonoscopy / gastroscopy is done?

When you are ready to leave hospital after the procedure, the report will be given to you, and you will be briefly seen by Dr Day.   You will need to return to your GP shortly afterwards to discuss ongoing management. Should you wish to discuss the procedure report in detail with Dr Day, rather than your GP you will need to make an appointment in the rooms  afterwards, as detailed discussion cannot be done at the time.

Is open access available to everyone?

Not all patients are suitable  for open access.  Your GP or Dr Day  may deem that prior consultation in the rooms is required on medical grounds. If you wish, you may also request to arrange a consultation with Dr Day beforehand for any reason.  (see open access criteria/exclusions here)

How do I actually book an open access procedure?

You will first need to have a discussion with your GP and obtain a referral.  Then contact our office and  you will be given a tentative booking. You will be sent a  package in the mail with the necessary  paperwork. You will need to complete  and return this paperwork at least 4 working days prior to the tentative booking. If time is short we may be able to email you the paperwork.

If there is anything that you need clarified, or are uncertain about, then please contact our office or even consider a consultation with Dr Day beforehand.  Remember with “open access” you will not see Dr Day until just before you are about to go into the endoscopy suite.