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General Surgery
Coloproctology, Hernia, Cholecystectomy, Appendicectomy, Pilonidal sinus

Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy – including polypectomy and haemorrhoid banding

Skin Cancer, Cysts, Lumps, Lesions and Lipoma
including; BCC, SCC, & Melanoma


Dr Day personally consults with all patients referred to the clinic (with the exception of “open access” patients). A consultation is important to assess your surgical condition and other health circumstances, and to discuss with you the most appropriate treatment options.  If you require surgery, you are welcome to return for a second pre-operative consultation to further discuss the details of the surgery.  We wish to ensure that you are fully informed about the surgery and its implications.


Fees charged for consultations depend on whether you are a new or review patient.  Full payment must be made at the time of consultation – either by cash, EFTPOS, cheque or credit card. Medicare will refund a portion of the fee but rarely the entire amount.

If a procedure or surgery is needed, a written quotation will be given detailing the refund available from Medicare, the health fund and any gap payment as appropriate. Some procedures attract out of pocket gap payments which we will fully inform you about, prior to any elective procedure.

Patients having procedures

Dr Day personally performs all procedures on private patients and is also generally responsible for your early post-operative care. Operations are performed at either the Hillcrest or the Mater hospitals. Please note that operations or procedures are not performed in the consulting suite and usually not on the same day as your consultation (unless previously arranged).

Emergency consultations

Emergency consultations can be arranged by your referring doctor, as appropriate to the emergency. Should you be concerned that your condition is worsening prior to your appointment with Dr Day, please discuss this with your referring doctor.